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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

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In what Mayor Tom Riel called a rare occurrence, Bradford City Council was presented with a resolution for a change order to reduce the cost of a construction project.

OECD Executive Director Sara Andrews explained during Tuesday’s council meeting that they knew going into the Pine Street Pedestrian Bridge project that they could reduce costs and, with the help of contractor Bob Cummins, they were able to lower it by more than $17,000.

One of the biggest ways they reduced cost was getting boulders from the Bradford City Water Authority instead of going to Marienville to buy them and transport them. The water authority said the city could have boulders on their property, and would just have to pay the cost to transport them. That saved about $10,000, she said.

Cummins also suggested building the entrance steps on-site instead of having pre-fabricated steps brought in. They also scrapped the plan to have lights on the railings.

“We felt that was a cost we could do without,” she said.

Andrews added that they will be adding curbing, which was not in the original plan.
She said there will probably be another change order that could add some cost to the project, but they are still looking at ways to save.

In other matters council authorized an increase in the fee for renting the Callahan Ice Rink from $100 to $125 an hour.

Parks Director Chip Comilla said the fee keeps Bradford competitive with other area rinks, while keeping the cost much lower than rinks just outside of this area that going for $200 to $300 an hour.

On a related note, Councilman Brad Mangel commended Comilla and the parks department for the progress they’ve made in refurbishing Jack Burns Memorial Park on North Kendall Avenue.

Council also authorized Marvin Windows and Doors to use photography of Old City Hall in their marketing materials without charge and with a waiver for any claim for compensation.

Mayor Tom Riel asked if, in lieu of payment, the company would be putting “Bradford, Pa.” on those materials.

Andrews said she didn’t know but would check with OECD’s Debbie Huston, who negotiated the agreement. She said she thought that would be a great way to advertise the community.

“It would be better than being marketed as the second-worst weather town,” Riel said, referring to The Weather Channel’s contest in which Bradford came in second to Fargo, North Dakota, as the Toughest Weather City.

Also Tuesday, City Clerk John Peterson read a thank-you note from the family of Dave DeFrank, who was the city’s electrician until his death three weeks ago at the age of 53.

“We appreciate everything that you did for David,” wrote Gene and Helen DeFrank and family. “Our family was so touched that you closed City Hall to attend the funeral and that the flags were lowered. What a nice tribute.”

Council also observed a moment of silence in observance of 9/11.

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