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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It’s time for the taxpaying citizens to start having some control of our city again.

Steve Cavallaro made that statement to Bradford City Council on behalf of himself and several other downtown business owners who are fed up with loitering, bad language, bicycle and skateboard riding on sidewalks, and other types of bad behavior.

Cavallaro of Cavallaro Paint and Decorating; Kathy Obermeyer of Real Living Avista Properties; Todd Hennard, owner of the Main Street Mercantile and other buildings; and Nancy Graham, owner of The Tin Ceiling Gift Shoppe, presented council with a proposal that they hope would transfer control back to the business owners and their customers.

“We don’t even feel have like we have any control over what’s going on downtown, yet we’re the ones paying the lion’s share …” he said, adding that they would like to see more police foot patrols, and enforce the ordinances that are already in the books.

“It’s getting ridiculous with kids on the bicycles, the skateboarders up and down the street all day long --- loitering in doorways of businesses …”

"It’s getting to the point where you feel you can’t do anything nice anymore without your property being violated or getting told to -- ‘go jump in the lake’ is a nice way of putting it,” he said.

Cavallaro, Obermeyer, Hennard and Graham did all say they appreciated the work the police department is doing, they are just hoping for more of a presence on Main Street.

The full story is coming soon.


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