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Monday, 13 August 2012

Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC) has finalized a settlement of the claims alleged in the qui tam proceeding brought against the hospital nearly 10 years ago, according to Timothy J. Finan, president and CEO of Bradford Regional Medical Center and Upper Allegheny Health System.

“I am pleased this matter is now officially behind us and put to rest,” Mr. Finan said.

The lawsuit involved allegations against the hospital and two physicians related to regulations that govern financial relationships between hospitals and physicians. This matter involved circumstances that occurred well before the 2009 integration of Bradford Regional Medical Center with Olean General Hospital and the formation of Upper Allegheny Health System.

Mr. Finan said the settlement agreement is neither an admission of liability by BRMC nor a concession by the United States (Department of Justice) that its claims are without basis, and allows BRMC to make settlement payments to the government through 2018.

“BRMC has no desire to expend more time, energy and resources on further legal proceedings. The settlement brings to an end the distraction of this matter,” Mr. Finan said.

“Our focus is forward. Our physicians and staff are working hard to improve quality, access and patient outcomes at our hospital. BRMC has made tremendous strides in recent years, adding important services at the hospital and within the region,” he said.

“Bradford Regional Medical Center has a great team committed to improving performance, which is good for the patient and good for the community.”

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