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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A federal judge today ordered Paul Ceglia to hand over a confidential letter that may support Facebook’s claim that he is a fraud.

The Wellsville man claims he signed a contract in 2003 with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that gives him part ownership in the multi-billion dollar company.

The letter in question is from one of Ceglia’s former lawyers to another now-former lawyer reportedly telling him Ceglia’s contract with Zuckerberg is a fraud, and that’s why he was withdrawing from the case. Ceglia is on his fourth set of lawyers in the case.

The judge today also fined Cegila and his current lawyer another $1,000 for not handing the letter over sooner. Ceglia is already facing tens-of-thousands of dollars in fines for contempt of court.

A lawyer for Facebook says, “It’s bad enough that Ceglia is perpetuating a massive fraud on the court. His ongoing contempt makes is all the more reprehensible.”

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