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Friday, 10 August 2012

The search continues in Cameron County for the man accused of holding a bank employee at gunpoint on Wednesday.

56-year-old Thomas Smith asked the 39-year-old victim for a ride, claiming his car broke down, and then demanded that she take him to the bank where she works. She refused, and eventually was able to get out of her SUV and call police. Smith ran from the scene after the SUV crashed into the front porch of a house.

Smith is reportedly upset because his house is in foreclosure. According to papers filed in the Cameron County Courthouse, that happened in September of last year. The woman he is accused of holding at gunpoint works at the bank that is handling the foreclosure. Smith is also accused of threatening another person who works at a different branch of the bank.

Emporium police Chief John Lovett says Smith is considered dangerous because he remains "armed and aggravated." He added that police have a car outside the bank in case Smith thinks about returning.

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