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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Northwest Savings Bank’s “Time and Temperature” service is being repaired.

Julie Marasco, president of the Northwest Region of Northwest Savings says, “We’ve had trouble with the telephone lines and we’re getting the problem fixed. Basically, we have six telephone lines and the service has been answering only four.

Unfortunately, one of the two that hasn’t been answered is the main number people call. So we’re fixing it.”

The time/weather/temperature service, which has been a tradition in Bradford since the 1960s, will be fully operational by the middle of August, Marasco says.

Rumors have circulated that Northwest planned to cancel the system, but Marasco says those rumors are not true.

“Even though we’re in a digital age, many people still appreciate the time, weather and temperature telephone service,” Marasco says. “Even broken, it took more than 180,000 calls in the first six months of the year.”

“We’re making the repairs the system needs and we’ll be telling Bradford the time, weather and temperature for McKean County for a long time to come,” Marasco says.

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